Friday, December 22, 2006

the Amazing Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is one of my most favorite designers.. and since this season i am so into Eastren /Asian / Babouska / designs.. I fell in love with this dress which i wore for my engagement party .. the purple dress is another steal i got from the RC boutique in Rome while i visited in October 2006..its very versatile for every occasion.

art for your feet !

These DIY Heroes In Love (Boy Meets Girl) Punk Mary Jane Shoes Pumps are very chic.. ! check it out from Etsy's Nellyjoy

my favorite etsy sellers!

I used to be so addicted to Etsy , I'd spend hours sorting through the great artists and their works and keep adding them to my fav lists.. check out some of my fav in all fields of design :

( funky felt collar - thecandytheif)

( TIE ROCK t-shirt- canitaline)

(afghan -necia2tx)

(spot of tea govna ring - anniepants)

(bright bedding set - NPJDesigns)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wedding Designs that Blows my Mind

I might be falling in love with the Art of Wedding Designs .. check these out.

more wedding designs !

wedding art..!

designs by Susan Holland & Co . and David Beahm. Great for Inspirations!

to Cruise or Not to Cruise.. ?

Planning our honeymoon is the best part of getting married..(kidding Mr.M) .. No .. seriously,,we get to be so creative and out worldly when we think about where to go.. we have the world mapped out for us to pick a spot .. or shall they be spots? Mr. M loves cruises.. so he sugessted we go on a cruise on multiple stops either in the Mediterranean- and it shouldn't be a long one just in case we get bored from the sea.. I am still not sure about that idea.. it might take us a while to settle on what sort of a honeymoon spot we might head to.. check out these cruise lines.. fancy!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Designers t.n.a. design studio created this beautiful interior project called Twiggy Screen in 2001 for the client: Conscious Resturant, Osaka (Japan).

Lighting -- with a twist

creative work of Tobias Wong's installation for the Design Life Now exhibition; the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial 2006. I just love the idea of a traditional lamp shed hugging a classical chandellier . this combination mysteriously creates a modern twist. I adore it !

eye catching exhibitions

Sunday, December 17, 2006

one great artist.. Sari Griffiths

look at these japanese book pages of the artist Sari Griffiths .. one of the collections of Uji-Shui Stories.check out her other artistic talanet in different media such as web and graphics.

Bridal Dresses.. Very flowy ..very elegant

some elegant dresses i like.. if only i had more than A day to wear each everyday :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Design School...Here I Come.. Again !

After my graduation from architecture school , I wasn't sure how to step into the design world. first of all , I got a job , boring as hell put pays well , in a field thats not a bit related to my field of study. I call it my "Good Ol''Day Job", i thought i'll be in it for a year or so then flyyyyyyyy on my way to creativity , and freelance business in art and design, and working with happy clients, and freedom , and money , and and... Wake-up Call.. , Its Not that Easy!
I got stock with my day job ( and since it pays well , cant complain) , and said goodbye to my skills. Now after 3 years of Non-Creative labor-Midas Touch outcomes-Boring like a WWF game on a school night , I woke up to my own instincts. I wanna go back to design school in order to get in touch with my creativity that has been sleeping in for a while.
well , to cut it short, I am actually thinking of taking a course at DesignSessions . Now the hard part is deciding whether to enroll in Intro to Graphic Design ? or Fundamentals Logo Design? how about Figure Drawing ? Awesome!! check it out and help me decide.