Wednesday, May 24, 2006

unfinished.. confused..

where does time go? why does it fly?!
God , i still have pieces of furniture sitting in my studio waiting for paint , glass tops, ideas.. ! they have been sitting here for few weeks now..
I admit, I slacked alot .
you know whats the mistake that a furniture designer might make and not have planned for at the beginning of their project? S T O R A G E!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh I Wish..

i made this collage based on the art of my favorite artist Jonathan Talbot ..
I used a bad and old arabian book pages and poped some of them up on the page.. then i added high gloss colored pieces cutting through them.. then added some metalic craft pearls ..
this is a creation for my hope to break ( the red high gloss pieces like knifes) all the bad old rules and traditions ( the old book) that strangle us and limit our creativity ( the metalic pearls.since creativity is reflective).

hope it makes sense :)

this designer blows my mind

Hoch die Tassen

Made from second hand cups, each glass/cup will be different.
this designer Thorsten Van ELten has great ideas to create modern unique products out of the ordinary! I am sooo addicted.. Tea/Wine anyone?

abstract? no?

some of these paintings i did last weekened.. one of them is my start with a painting that i added images on.. trying to see what happens..


do i have to paint over my oil painting when it dries with some glossy stuff?? what is it? and how?

my "loves"list

okay so here is what touches me and makes me madly fall in love with :

all sorts of boutiques ( enough already with commercial stuff)
Audrey Hepburn
my hair
anything handmade
my bachelor's degree in architecture
architecture and interiors magazines
Living Etc magazine
bathrooms ( i wonder how they lived without em before! )
my studio professor Mariam Gusavich
all sorts of boutiques
sex & the city
my bird KOKO
old antique frames
modern furniture
thoresten van elten
the tv show FRIENDS
colored pencil
black and white with red
polka dots
my fiance mishmish

my models


Hi all and welcome to my blog..
I am very new to this blog thing.. but I am very excited that i can actually get in touch with many friends around the world.

in this blog i will try to capture the minutes of my life with photos or words.. or pieces of work from my just established studio.

i love my studio! my dad had given me a small storage room in the house and i cleaned it up and now i might as well sleep in it since i am so attached to it!

my studio is my hidden world. in it i do alot of fun things..
i listen to music by kenny G .. i paint ( just starting with the oil painting which is very clear why my studio is a mess of oil colors everywhere"P opps)
im also trying to join the club for the altered books.. i love mixed media and im planning to do a little everyday till i get a collection.. so im gonna need your help!

besides all that I am an architect.

okay all so lets get ready and do loud stuff :D